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Herd Sires

Angus Herd Sires
Efficiency '4402' - This was our pick of bulls at the Midland Bull Test. He put it all together the best of any Angus bull at Midland that year - Efficiency, performance, structural correctness with volume and muscle. His sons have carried on the advantages of efficiency just like he did, being negative RFI bulls in many tests. He has been used on heifers with great results and we really like the daughters we have in the herd.

Infinity - An outcross New Zealand pedigree that puts early growth into his calves and maintains a moderate mature size.

Columbus - A new herdsire that we used AI and will see heavy natural service use at MJB in 2015. A high performance Earnan son that was the 2nd High Selling bull at the 2014 Midland Bull Test Sale. He puts tremendous ADG and WDA in a moderate framed, long bodied framework. 

Salers Herd Sires
TSB Tulsa 82W - Black, Polled Optimizer - A moderate framed, super correct, big hipped son of MJB Barbwire 260S out of a 0028 daughter from TB Salers who has consistently raised herd bulls. Tulsa's sons are similar in pattern to their sire; Big top, big hip, attactive phenotype with good structure in a moderate framed package. A great disposition - well, we wouldn't use a bull with a bad disposition, so it goes without saying!

MJB Apache 241X - Black, Polled 92.3% Salers - An outstanding son of GGT Apache 155U, the huge ribeye bull that impressed eveyone at the Pen Show in Denver a few years ago and then sold to Canada. Out of a herdsire producer, 133P, a fantastic cow. She is in our ET program as one of the feature donors. She is really impressive to look at and has an EPD profile that would be hard to beat. A great udder in a powerfully made, big-hipped, big volume cow. 241X was our highest weaning weight calf the year he was born and he puts that performance into his calves.

SRS Spartacus - Our pick of the Skinner program out of their 2012 calf crop. We purchased this bull to offer our customers an outcross pedigree that brings calving ease genetics as our customers begin to consider retaining more heifer calves as replacements. The maternal contribution he offers will only enhance the females you breed his progeny to - look for his sons in our 2014-2015 offering.

MAC Quarterback
- A phenomenal set of arithmetic on this bull's performance data. Having been Midland Bull Test's longest continuous participant, you can be assured we stress performance along with functionality. This bull brings plenty of performance in a moderate framed package. His ultrasound data is equally impressive. We expect him to continue to add marbling to our Optimizer lineup of cattle in an outcross pedigree for our customers. 

South Devon Herd Sires
BC Progress 315U - Black, Polled Purebred - The HIGH EFFICIENCY Bull! Progress has proven himself as one of the best bulls for Feed Efficiency you can find. The South Devon cattle have done really well at Midland and everywhere else they have been tested for efficiency and Progress stands at the top of his class. In a progeny test at Leachman of Colorado, semen on Progress was used and the resulting progeny placed Progress 315U in the Top 1/2 of 1% of bulls ever tested for their Feed:Gain EPD. This test was mostly against Highly Proven High Efficiency Angus Sires. The calves ranked really high in their $Profit EPD and Progress' $Profit EPD is the Highest of Sires used regardless of Breed. We raised Progress out of our Big Country herd of cows that is owned jointly with the McDonnell family, thus the BC prefix in his name. He is moderate framed and makes them really good. Progress was a bull that did it all at Midland Bull Test as a yearling. Owned with Nichols Farms, Iowa, and Triple M South Devon in North Carolina. Semen is being used by David Leese of Davelle South Devons in Australia, and is available in Australia and New Zealand through David. Contact us for sons or semen in the United States.

MMM Untouchable W810 - Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Purebred - An outcross pedigree with a total package of performance and eye appeal. Sire of the 2014 National Western Stock Show Grand Champion Heifer, Grand Champion Bull and Grand Champion Percentage Female. W810 keeps the performance and adds that additional level of eye appeal as you can see in the 2014 Grand Champion Heifer pictured below. 

MJB Swagger 330Z - The Grand Champipon South Devon Bull by W810 that not only looks the part, but his progeny have been shown to be superior for RFI with the feed efficiency information collected at the 2015 Midland Bull Test. See his full brother, sons and many 1/2 brothers selling at Midland Bull Test on April 2, 2015.

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