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Cows on winter pasture in January - brrrr, it was COLD!!!

MJB Sheridan 6868S - Reserve Grand Champion South Devon Heifer 2008 National Western Stock Show 
The dam of the 2014 Grand Champion South Devon Heifer - MJB Brandy 2661Z

Taylor Ohlde, with MJB Ulrika, Grand Champion South Devon Female at the 2010 National Western Stock Show. Taylor purchased her from MJB Ranch the previous year. Congratulations Taylor!

Not sure where the time went! Curtis showing a Salers heifer at the 2004 National Western Stock Show.

Cody showing the Champion Junior Heifer at the 2006 National Western Stock Show.

MJB Vision 240S - High Performance Optimizer Bull at Midland Bull Test

Justin at 2 1/2 years old with 'Pryor', a 1293 lb Salers x South Devon cross steer that would wait for 'that little kid' to get out of the way before he took his next step!

MJB Ulysses 333U - An outstanding red, South Devon bull. Semen is being used and is available in Australia through Davelle South Devons, David Leese.

Feeding protein blocks to the cows grazing winter pasture the first of January. Cows are generally left to graze until the end of January - weather permitting!

An outstanding Salers heifer calf that sold through Salers Supreme.

Cows trailing out of winter pasture the end of January - Thank goodness for handlebar warmers on snowmobiles!

Cows battling the elements on winter grazing pasture - no place for pampered cows!
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