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2016 National Western Stock Show
Once again, MJB Ranch enjoyed some great success at the 2016 National Western Stock Show. Although we did not exhibit any South Devon cattle this year, we are proud to have bred the Grand Champion Heifer Overall that we sold to the Stranberg family and the Heifer Calf Champion that we sold to Jordan VanderMolen. Congratulations to both.
MJB Ranch also exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Optimizer Bulls in the Salers Pen Show.

We are also proud to have sold the High Selling Salers Optimizer Bull in the National Salers Sale at $9000, MJB Manning 322C to Duane Rugg, Rugg Ranch, Plevna, Montana, and Eaf and Tiffany Parke, Parke Ranch, Drummond, Montana. Our other Pen Bull candidates sold to top cattlemen and longtime customer, Ross and Sue Goddard, Muleshoe Ranch, Tendoy, Idaho, and Wes Jensen, Jensen Cattle Company, Circle, Montana. Thanks again for your continued support..

2014 National Western Stock Show

The 2014 National Western Stock Show was a great event as we ended up displaying a tremendous set of cattle for all of the spectators and fellow cattlemen in attendance. MJB Ranch had the honor of exhibiting the Grand Champion Heifer, the Grand Champion Bull and the Grand Champion Percentage Heifer in the South Devon Show. MJB also had the honor of earning the Premier Breeder and the Premier Exhibitor.

Grand Champion South Devon Heifer - MJB Brandy 2661Z

Grand Champion South Devon Percentage Heifer - BC Arena

Grand Champion South Devon Bull - MJB Swagger 330Z

2014 National Salers Show
Congratulations to Madie Schaefer, Morrill, Nebraska, as she wins the 2014 Junior Salers Optimizer Show at the National Western Stock Show with a heifer she purchased from MJB Ranch. Madie was also the recipient of the American Salers Foundation Scholarship earlier in the Salers activities that she will use as she begins her college career at Northeastern Junior College, Sterling. Colorado, where she will participate on the Livestock Judging Team.

Grand Champion Junior Optimizer Heifer - MJB Kardashian

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