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Welcome to the website for MJB Ranch. We are glad to have you visit our site and hope that you will be able to learn more about our operation. We are true believers in performance cattle that will increase the profitability of our customers' operations. We offer Angus, Salers and South Devon seedstock to purebred and commercial producers throughout the United States. We've been performance testing continuously at Midland Bull Test for over 40 years and are proud to be their longest continuous participant. Each year, we cull stringently and offer the top of our herd for sale to purebred and commercial cattlemen across the country. We are proud to have some of the top cattlemen you can find as our customers and we'd like to add you to our list of outstanding cattlemen we are proud to call our repeat customers.

We are working to identify and utilize genetics that excel in Feed Efficiency. The beef industry has just begun to make improvement on this trait and we feel it will be a key factor as commodity prices remain strong for all of our input costs. While the poultry and pork industries have been able to make great genetic strides in feed efficiency, the beef industry has only begun to scratch the surface. The equipment designed by GrowSafe Systems is utilized at Midland Bull Test to identify individual feed consumption, individual feed conversion and  RFI (Residual Feed Intake). It is important for our cattle to be not only efficient on our rangeland and be reproductively efficient, we want them to work in the feedlot as well. We believe, and the data is beginning to show this, that those animals that are efficient as tested by GrowSafe bunks at Midland and other places, are also more efficient as cows on grass. While we can't single trait select for Feed Efficiency or any other trait, with feed costs representing up to 70% of the expenses on ranches across the country, we feel it can't be overlooked.

Enjoy browsing our site to learn more about our operation. Give us a call (or send us an email) if you have any questions about the cattle we have for sale. We'd be glad to talk to you about how our genetics can become a part of your operation and 'Put More Dollars in Your Pocket'. If you are driving on I-90 between Billings, Montana and Sheridan, Wyoming, give us a call (406) 639-2569 and we'll have the coffee ready by the time you get to the ranch headquarters. After all, you are driving right by some of our winter grazing pastures. If you are interested in some of the bulls we have available, give Jim Doubet a call (303) 638-2625. Thanks again and we look forward to talking with you.

We offer our Salers and Optimizer bulls private treaty.
Our Midland Bull Test South Devon Bulls are selling on April 2nd. 

Our Midland Bull Test Angus bulls sell on April 3rd.

Bulls like these have sold and are available through the MJB Salers Private Treaty Offering:

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